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ReServe is your ideal wine preservation solution.
For wine lovers, it is a difficut decision whether to open a treasured bottle of wine when it isn¬ít clear if that bottle will be consumed in one sitting.  Pouring out the remnants or tasting a degraded wine the next day are terrible alternatives.  This is true for anyone who enjoys wine at home as well as beverage managers at restaurants who oversee their wines by-the-glass programs. ReServe (patent pending) is an easy-to-use wine preservation system recognized by leading wine experts as the new state-of-the-art way to maintain the freshness of opened bottles of wine. ReServe has 3 different size adaptors to fit all the bottles from around the world - even ports and champagnes!

With ReServe, you can enjoy your favorite wines at anytime, without waiting for an occasion. Imagine a couple being able to enjoy both a Chardonnay and a Bordeaux during dinner without worrying about drinking or wasting the remainder of 2 bottles, thanks to ReServe. Go ahead, free yourself from these worries and open any bottle with the confidence that you will enjoy ALL of the wine at your convenience.

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