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Imagine the increase in customer satisfaction when you can offer your patrons nearly any wine from your wine list, by the glass. With ReServe, you will have the confidence that you can sell the rest of the bottle before it spoils. Restaurateurs need their opened bottles to be "servable" for 2-3 days and ReServe protects wine for over 6 days. Not only can you stand by any product you offer (even that 1997 Cabernet Sauvignon that was too much a risk to open before), but you will also be better able to manage revenues from your program because each bottle can be fully served with nothing left to chance.

Sommeliers and restaurateurs tell us that giving their customers better choices of wines to complement their menu selections will positively differentiate their wine program and restaurant, and generate higher levels of customer satisfaction.

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ReServe ensures that wines can be sold before spoilage occurs, enabling restaurateurs to:

- Extend their wines-by-the-glass offering to include a complete range of wines.

- Measure customer response to new wine selections - new regions, new varietals and seasonal offerings.

- Focus on increasing revenue opportunities while minimizing inventory risk.

ReServe was developed with sommeliers and restaurateurs to ensure minimal burden on restaurant and bar operations. ReServe is the new state-of-the-art way to effectively preserve wine with the confidence of an easy-to-use product.

Use ReServe to help:

- Define and operationalize a consistent wine preservation process that you can trust.

- Reduce training and managerial oversight of your wine staff.

- Increase the knowledge and confidence of your staff - they are serving the best product possible.

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