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  • The staff value ReServe as a more effective and rigorous wine preservation system.
  • ReServe is the key part of a more effective process to preserve wine.
  • ReServe’s simple process extends the “marketable lifeEof any wine.
  • ReServe preserved over sixty wines by an average of over 6 days, a 50% improvement over the current systems at these restaurants.

This section highlights some of the reactions from wine experts who have used ReServe wine preservation system. It is clear that they believe ReServe works.  More important than reading what others say, you need to experience ReServe. Contact Wine Innovations

"Many of you wine lovers probably have the same dilemma I do.  You open a nice bottle
of wine, drink a couple of glasses, then you want to preserve the rest for another day. 
Unfortunately, wine oxidizes very readily, and soon starts to turn into vinegar unless the
air is removed from the bottle.  There have been several wine preservation systems on the market, from suction pumps to aerosol cans. There's a very sophisticated new system out
now that works by means of an argon gas cartridge.  It's called ReServe with a capital S, as
in re-serve.  I've tested it and it works!..it would be a great gift for the serious wine lover."

"Thanks to ReServe, Food and Beverage Professionals and Sommeliers can finally offer high end glasses of wine without jeopardizing the integrity of the wine being served. Moreover, the consumer enjoying high end glass pours will rest assured that the wine is accurate to the profile in which it was bottled regardless of the time frame that the bottle was opened. ReServe is a home run for the Food and Beverage industry for consumers and operators alike."

"Unlike wine preservers that create a temporary vacuum in an unfinished bottle, Wine Innovation’s ReServe displaces the air with inert argon gas, preventing oxidation. The device forms an airtight seal around the bottle and injects a short blast of argon from a replacement cartridge (good for about 20 uses). In informal tests, both reds and whites stayed fresh for about five days when injected with argon."

"ReServe maintains the structure and intensity of wines-keeping them tasting as they should Enothing else does this. ReServe with Argon gas definitively out-performed Nitrogen-based methods.  The CO2 made wines taste fizzy on day 2E/em>

"ReServe held a $650 1989 Burgundy for 3 days after drinking 2/3 of it over dinner. After 3 days, one expected an oxidized mess, yet it had retained quite a bit of fruit and gaminess.  I want one at home.  I can now open a great bottle for myself and enjoy it over 4 nights, knowing that the wine will taste great on the fourth night too!"

"The proof is in the pudding Etaste the wine Eit is still viable after more than 4 days.  ReServe is not only viable for everyday wines and wine drinkers; it is also for fine wines and wine connoisseurs.  Reserve is so easy to get the hang of Eit is intuitive."

"Wine preservation is one of those Holy Grail items in the restaurant business and everyone has their own voodoo methods. It seems that every bar on the planet owns one of those Vacu Vin hand pumps, but they're just a stopgap measure... The long and short of it is 'Does [ReServe] work?' The answer is yes. I was able to open a bottle, let it sit for a few days and come back to enjoy it later."

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