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    How ReServe Preserves Wine
    ReServe Components
    ReServe Instructions

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1. Unscrew the cartridge cover (C) from the regulator (B). While holding the knob of the regulator (E) in the fully closed position with one hand, quickly screw on the Argon gas cartridge (A) until it is tight and firmly seated.
*Note - it is normal for some gas to vent before the cartridge is firmly seated on the regulator.
2. Screw on cartridge cover to the regulator.

These steps will become smooth and automatic after you experience them a few times.

  Insert the ReServe Adaptor (F) into the opened wine bottle.

  Comfortably place one hand on the top of the adaptor for balance - DO NOT TURN. Rotate ONLY the grooved handle (H) clockwise to create an airtight seal between the wine bottle and adaptor. The snug fit producing the airtight seal is achieved within 2-3 twists of the grooved handle for most bottles. Do not over-tighten. Do not twist the top of the adaptor.


Attach regulator - with cartridge - by lining up the grooved thumb tab (D) to the adaptor. 


Turn the regulator knob counter clockwise until it stops AND BACK to its original closed position to dispense sufficient Argon into the bottle to protect the wine.  You will hear a slight hiss when the Argon is released into the bottle.  (When preserving more delicate wines, you may choose to leave the regulator on for 4-5 seconds to dispense more Argon into the bottle or until the relief valve is triggered.)


Press the thumb tab to release the regulator from the adaptor.  The wine is now protected and ready to be stored.  Ensure regulator is in fully closed position before release. (You may hear a slight hiss during this step as an audible reminder to remove the regulator.)


To serve the preserved wine, push the button (G) on the adaptor to manually trigger the relief valve and release the pressure inside the wine bottle. You will hear a slight hiss when releasing the pressure inside the bottle.  Rotate ONLY the grooved handle counter clockwise to loosen the adaptor and remove it from the bottle.

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