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The ReServe Adaptor is inserted into the opened wine bottle to create an airtight seal. With an airtight seal in place, the user can be confident that only helpful pure Argon is being let into the bottle. To protect more than one bottle of wine at a time, simply use a ReServe Adaptor for each bottle. The Regulator supplying the Argon gas can be easily transferred from one ReServe Adaptor to any other ReServe Adaptor to protect multiple bottles of wine.

There are 3 ReServe Adaptor sizes: Standard Adaptors fit bottles from USA, France and Australia. Narrow Adaptors fit bottles from Italy, Austria, South Africa and South America. Narrow Adaptors also fit bottles for ports and most sparkling wines. Champagne Adaptors fit the Tête de Cuvée bottles (e.g., Dom Perignon and J).


The Regulator is a precision-engineered and durable mechanism that simplifies the controlled release of Argon gas into the bottle. The Argon gas dispensed into the wine bottle will not escape unless the pressure inside the bottle triggers the automatic relief valve, or the user manually triggers the relief valve to open the bottle and enjoy the next glass of wine.


The Argon Gas Cartridge contains pure food-grade Argon gas at high pressure. The Cartridge has been engineered, tested and manufactured to hold the maximum amount of Argon gas safely. After the supply of gas in the Cartridge is exhausted (after over 20 uses), it can be easily replaced with a fresh Cartridge.  The empty Cartridge can be recycled according to local area guidelines.

ReServe Argon Gas Cartridges are made exclusively for Wine Innovations by iSi of Austria - the world's leading manufacturer of compressed gas cartridges. We can all rest assured that these cartridges are safe for us and for our wines. The cartridge and ReServe Regulator are engineered to work ONLY with each other. Do NOT try to use any other cartridges with your ReServe Regulator.

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